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Welcome to the Oleichandanpur village website. This website is intended to link together the people who belong to our home village Oleichandanpur and living else where. This site is not meant for any commercial purpose. You might want to know what is happening in your home village. You might be wondering what your childhood friends are doing now. How successful are they in their life..? We spent our childhood there, leading some successful life some where else.
Let us try to do something back to our home village.

With the blessing of God, We have only just begun to build this website for our village. Through our humble effort, we hope to bring the history of our village and useful information on this website. So, that the people of this village can connect with each other and share their experiences. Our young generations can also become familiar with their village including the generations from the foreign countries. Whether you are a resident looking for specific information or a place to call home, you will be able to find great information here. 

Quick Note: This site development is still in progress, thanks for visiting please find more information on your next visit.

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