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From a nation dependent on food imports to feed its population, India today is not only self-sufficient in grain production, but also has a substantial reserve and has of late started exporting appreciable quantities of rice. The progress made by agriculture in the last four decades has been one of the biggest success stories of free India. Agriculture is the means of livelihood of about two-thirds of the work force in the country.
Once Upon a time the principal occupation here in Oleichandanpur was agriculture. But now a days a few people's occupation is agriculture. Farming or agriculture in our village has been the principal occupation for the people since the ancient period, as they earn their livelihoods from agriculture. The people cultivate various types of crops throughout the year. The climatic condition in our village is some how suitable for agricultural activities.
Farming in our  villages  was  highly  dependent  on the monsoon condition and hence, most of the crops cultivate during that period are monsoon type crops.

People in our villages are involved with the agriculture sector in various ways, but very few  only following and applying new technology and new ideas.

There  are  many  people in our village who cultivate crops independently in their own lands. They occasionally    take help of others to do the farming. Other types of farmers in our village are those who do not have any land  of  their own or don't have water well. They help others to cultivate crops in their lands. In this  way, these people  are  dependent  on agriculture for earning their livelihoods.

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